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This list of pharmacy college in Durgapur can come in handy if you plan to pursue a profession in the medical sector. Besides listing the pharmacy colleges, you can also learn about their academic ranking, infrastructure, tuition fees etc. So, let’s get started!

Before you look for the top pharmacy college in West Bengal, let us give you some insights into the overall quality of the institutions in the state.

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List of Pharmacy College in Durgapur

So, let’s get started!

List of Pharmacy College in Durgapur – Check Out the Top 7 Colleges

Earning a degree in pharmaceutical studies is essential for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Whether your goal is to become a pharmacist or work in pharmaceutical sales, holding a college degree is essential. To help you select the best pharmacy college in Durgapurcheck out the list of top 7 colleges in the city for your reference.

  1. Jadavpur University
  2. Calcutta Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology & Allied Health Sciences
  3. Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research
  4. Guru Nanak Institute Of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology
  5. Bengal School Of Technology

Why Consider BCPSR for Pharmacy? 

Pharmacy colleges in West Bengal impart education and training to students in pharmacy and related sciences. BCPSR offer diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in pharmaceutical sciences. They aim to train students to assist pharmacists in keeping public health standards high by manufacturing drugs and other medications.


With the increasing demand for quality pharmaceutical services, the number of best pharmacy colleges in Eastern India has increased. Several colleges in West Bengal have provided quality education in this field, and BCPSR is one of them. 

If you need further information on any college in the list of Pharmacy College in West Bengal, contact us at +91-9754-931-377 or +91-8170-021-123.