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Guest lectures are a great way to keep students interested in class. Such kinds of talks also allow students to learn from more experienced people. Being the best pharmacy college in Durgapur, we believe in the same. Thus, we invite guest scholars to help boost students’ understanding of pharmacy trends.

Table of Content- Best Pharmacy College in Durgapur

  • Importance of Guest Lectures
  • Guest Lectures at BCPSR
  • Overview of Recent Guest Lecture
Best Pharmacy College in Durgapur

So, let’s look at the details!

Guest lecturers: Why are they important?

There is no doubt that BCPSR is the best Pharmacy College in West Bengal. A large number of students applied for admission to BCPSR to study B.Pharm. Our students enjoy the best facilities, including modern infrastructure, hi-tech labs, and digital classrooms. These facilities make BCPSR a leading choice among West Bengal institutions that offer B.Pharm.

Guest lecture at Durgapur’s top pharmacy college

As part of its training programs, the top pharmacy school in West Bengal held a guest lecture on the “Role of Training and Development in Career Building” in 2020. We consulted a member of Apollo Pharmacy’s HR department for their opinions on the matter. Students found it helpful during interview preparations.

Detail of Our Recent Guest Lecture

Students of the college’s B.Pharm program attended another guest lecture a few days ago. In this lecture, the respected lecturer shared what it was like working at COVID-19 and how it has changed their outlook. The students could better understand the real world by observing their current clinical pharmacists at the hospital.

Takeaway Points

It is one feature that makes BCPSR the best option for admissions. Check out the website right now to learn why BCPSR ranks as the admission in Pharmacy College in West Bengal.

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