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Pharmacy is one of the most reputed careers across the world. Everyone wishes to secure a future and career in this field. However, not all people know that there are different types of pharmacy colleges for different classifications. So, in today’s post, we have come up with the list of pharmacy college in West Bengal to help you select the best. But first, let us look at the topics that we will be covering in today’s post other than the list.

Hot Topics To Be Covered in Today’s Post

• List of top pharmacy college in West Bengal

• Which college offers lowest fees

• Why Select BCPSR from the top list

List of Pharmacy College in West Bengal

List of Pharmacy College in West Bengal – Top 5

S.No. Top Colleges for Admission in Pharmacy College in West Bengal Ranking NIRF
1National Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research, Kolkata27
2NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata61
3Guru Nanak Institute Of Pharmaceutical Science And Technology, Kolkata67
4Dr BC Roy College Of Pharmacy And Allied Health Sciences, Durgapur76
5Bengal College Of Pharmaceutical Science & Research, DurgapurClick Here

Why College Offers the Lowest Fees?

Searching for top pharmacy college in Eastern India can be a difficult task to handle especially if you don’t know where the best one is located. There are so many colleges that are present and having their own capacity to accommodate students. Likewise, there are several factors like fee structure, location, availability of modern day amenities etc. which should be considered before taking the admission in the college as a student.

Out of the above list of pharmacy college in Eastern India, BCPSR offers the lowest fee structure in the region. If you wish to get the detailed info about the fees of the courses offered by the college, refer to the given links.

  • Fee of B.Pharm Course in West Bengal
  • Fee of D.Pharm Course in West Bengal
  • Fee of M.Pharm Course in West Bengal

Why Select BCPSR from the above List?

 BCPSR, one of the well-reputed pharmacy colleges in West Bengal enables you to become a future leader in this field. Our focus lies on providing our students the best learning environment through advanced training, live demonstration labs and relevant workshops. These qualities enable us to become top choice for admission in Pharmacy College in Easter India.


With the demand for pharmacists has increased due to the current pandemic, many private institutes usually make false promises like 50% scholarships and so on. But those colleges offer very low infrastructure and faculties then what they promise; eventually, at the end of their courses, students graduates with little experience and poor knowledge. So, it’s better to select the best Pharmacy College in West Bengal to avoid such scenarios.

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