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Admission Enquiry : +91-9754931377,8170021123
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Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Science & Research (BCPSR) is a leading institute in pharmaceutical sciences that provides quality education. The BCPSR has accomplished several milestones since its establishment a few years ago. Being the top pharmacy college in Eastern India, we offer Admission in M.Pharm in West Bengal, B.pharma , D.pharm and diploma courses. Those of you seeking access to an M.Pharm program in west Bengal will find today’s blog interesting.

A Quick Walkthrough To Today’s Topics of Discussion

Eligibility for M.Pharm admissions

• How to get admissions in BCPSR?

Admission in M.Pharm in West Bengal

So, let’s look at these points in detail.

Eligibility for M.Pharm admission in West Bengal

For admission to master’s degree courses in pharmaceuticals, BCPSR is the top college in West Bengal. Admission is based on WBJEE scores. To be considered for admission, you must meet the following criteria.

  • The minimum GPA for an undergraduate degree is 6.0 from a recognized university
  • PGET scorecards for the same calendar year are valid

To find out more about M.Pharm colleges in West Bengal, visit the website or contact us.

In West Bengal, how to get admission in M.Pharm Course in West Bengal?

If you haven’t taken part in the WBJEE seat allocation process, then also you can apply to BCPSR for admissions. Yes, you heard it right. You simply need to fill out the online registration forms to do so. Are interested in getting? If yes, please get in touch with our experts.


Due to the COVID-19 situation, many of the top-notch prestigious West Bengal institutions are now operating online. BCPSR is one such institute. There is no problem in getting into a top pharmacy college in West Bengal. With online mode, it’s easier to apply for admission in M.Pharm course in West Bengal.