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Admission Enquiry : +91-9754931377,8170021123
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Finding the right pharmacy college for your studies in West Bengal is like traversing the maze of options out there. Thankfully, there is no need to fret any longer because you could be at the right place to make your choice; BCPSR – the top pharmacy college in West Bengal. Be sure to read the sub-sections for more details about the pharmacy course at BCPSR. 

Top Pharmacy College in West Bengal– Table of Content

  • BCPSR Course Overview
  • Check the Details Other than Course
Top Pharmacy College in West Bengal

So, let’s dive in for more information!

Check the BCPSR Course Overview

BCPSR is among the top-rated pharma college in the list of Pharmacy College in West Bengal. With their decade of experience in excellence, the college is the right fit for you to have a bright career in the pharma industry. The college offers admissions to the following three courses:

Check the Below Details Other than the Course

At the top pharmacy college in Durgapur, students learn in the classroom and get to enjoy all the fun and frolic around campus! So, it’s essential to check what else the college is offering other than the course. Below are some pointers that you must inquire about before applying for admissions. 

  • Why is BCPSR a great place to study?
  • What do students at this college have to say about it?
  • Discover the extracurricular activities going on around campus
  • Find out what post-graduation opportunities will be available for you.
  • Learn about the alumni network and mentor program

The information shared about students raved positive reviews about their experience. These details will help students make their choice of getting admission to BCPSR. 


As the top pharmacy college in West Bengaleducation plays an essential role in nurturing future leaders. We give our students the opportunities to really ‘live in leadership’ through a wide range of courses. For detailed information on the pharmacy course, visit the admission section.