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Admission Enquiry : +91-9754931377,8170021123
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BCPSR is the top pharmacy college in Durgapur that has partnered with various colleges to strive hard to churn out the best pharma experts in the country. The primary purpose of industrial training is to expose your students to the working environment in actual industries. It will help them better understand practical applications in which they have been trained in academia. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Industrial Training Initiatives at Top Pharmacy College in Durgapur

  • Importance of Industrial Training 
  • Training Sessions for B.Pharm Students
  • List of Participants 

For more information, let’s dig into the details!

Top Pharmacy College in Durgapur

Importance of Industrial Training 

Industrial training is a vital part of the B.Pharm curriculum to face the challenging industry scenario in the future. The provided industrial training will strengthen their knowledge and give them enough exposure to compete with candidates from different colleges. Without getting familiar with modern technology, candidates won’t get a competitive edge in pharmaceuticals, which demands high-end technical knowledge.

Training Sessions for B.Pharm Students

Industrial Training is essential for pharmacy students because it will give them enough practical knowledge to handle any complicated situation in the future. Students can get practical knowledge on various subjects, and industrial training gives them the technical ability to handle any patient complaint confidently. It’s an essential part of our curriculum. 

List of Participants 

Check out the list of pharmaceutical industries where BCPSR arrange training activities. Being the top pharmacy college in West Bengalwe aim at giving students the best industrial experience. These activities help students get a better understanding of the industrial work culture. 

  1. Gluconate health limited (Kolkata).
  2. Caplet India Pvt. Ltd, (Kolkata).
  3. Perk Benz Laboratories , Bhopal(M.P)
  4. Lupin Limited , Sikkim.
  5. Alkem laboratories , Sikkim .
  6. Indchemie Health Specialist Limited( Sikkim)
  7. Shine Pharma Ltd , Vadodara(Gujarat).
  8. Mankind Pharma Ltd,(Sikkim)
  9. Phizer Limited , Knachipuram (Tamil Nadu).
  10. Cipla Ltd ( Sikkim)
  11. Albert David Ltd (Kolkata)

Bottom Lines

Do you wish to get all the facilities mentioned above? If yes, then apply now for admissions. The college accepts admission applications based on WBJEE entrance. But, students can also apply for direct admission. For more information on admission to the top pharmacy college in Durgapur, contact us now.