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Admission Enquiry : +91-9754931377,8170021123
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Have you ever wondered how good your college is? Being a pharmacy student, you need to make sure that your college offers you the best facilities, such as labs, a sound library and other infrastructural facilities. Think of the library as your house. Your house is where you keep memories, essential belongings and a territory that represents you and your family. Similarly, the library facility at the top D.Pharm College in Durgapur is where each student finds their corner with resources to pursue knowledge. 

Top D.Pharm College in Durgapur

Some of the Unique Features of Our Library 

The library is one of the most important places on campus for students. It’s a great place to relax and study in a distraction-free environment, but also a great place to explore with friends and classmates. It’s more like a honeypot of our college. It’s because of some of its notable characteristics, which are given below for your reference.  

Seating Capacity of 100 Students

The library of the top D.Pharm College in West Bengal is a spacious, well-furnished, and well-illuminated area which can seat more than 100 students at a time. Eight sections of the library have been systematically organized to help easy accessibility and availability of books.

8000+ Text & Reference Books

BCPSR has a spacious library with over 8000+ textbooks and reference books, providing a platform for students to improve their knowledge in the field of Pharmacy. Supplemented by state-of-the-art technology, our library let students access the best study material in the form of print and digital journals, E-Books and the internet.

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If you are looking for institutes providing D.Pharm courses in Durgapur, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with BCPSR College. Being the top D.Pharm College in Durgapurthe college has a well-equipped centralized library to meet the needs of the student community and faculty members.