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Facilities Students Will Get@ BCPSR by Paying Lowest Fee of B.Pharm Course in Durgapur

BCPSR is one of the best colleges in West Bengal for students willing to make a career in the pharmaceutical industry” it’s what we heard from many of the inspiring students. We are counted among the top pharmacy college in West Bengal, and its major credit goes to the facilities and fee structure we offer. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories to help students learn their subjects quickly. All these facilities are available to students at the lowest fee of B.Pharm Course in Durgapur.

List of Top Facilities Students Will Get at BCPSR

Fee of B.Pharm Course in Durgapur

Let’s talk about these facilities that students will get at the lowest fee!

Modern Labs

At BCPSR, we have a total of 17 well-equipped laboratories that can accommodate more than 60 students at a time. All labs and departments are furnished with modern equipment and tools essential for every experiment. We the only top pharmacy college in Durgapur that offers separate labs for different subjects for different courses.

Classroom and Seminar Halls

We have spacious lecture halls and classroom facilities, ideal for creating an engaging and innovative learning experience for our students. Our Seminar hall is a well-furnished sitting facility equipped with the latest technology. They can easily accommodate more than 100 students at a time and are the ideal place for pre-placement taps, GDs, and conducting interactive sessions.


At BCPSR, our institution’s library is filled with reference books, journals, magazines and other study material on almost all pharmacy-related subjects. We have a well-developed library having approximate 8500 textbooks and reference books available for enriching students with knowledge. Being the best B.Pharm College in Durgapur, we regularly update our library to include new references as per the curriculum requirement of the students.

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