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A lot of students often get confused when it comes to deciding which one to choose from B.Pharm or D.Pharm. Some students opt for B.Pharm while others go for D.Pharm. So if you’re getting confused, then this blog is going to help you out with the much-needed information to choose the best college and course for your career in medicine. Read this blog of you’re thinking of admission in pharmacy college in West Bengal.

B.Pharm Vs. D.Pharm- Which Course is Best?

Both these courses are full of exciting career opportunities. The only difference is that D.Pharm is a diploma course that can be upgraded by studying B.Pharm. If you are willing to serve the community by devoting your services to the pharmaceutical industry after class 10th, you should consider D.Pharm.

Admission in Pharmacy College in West Bengal


If you want to upgrade yourself with detailed insights, then a 4-year degree B.Pharm should be your choice. We suggest students plan wisely before making any choice. Your decision to take admission in B.Pharm in West Bengal or studying at the top D.Pharm College in West Bengal will decide your future.

Career Scope 

Let’s look at the popular career options available for students after successfully completing these courses.

  • Pharmacist
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Sales Executive
  • Drug Regulatory In-charge
  • Medical Underwriter
  • Professor/ Researcher
  • Drug/Food Inspector and many more.

Bottom Lines

Once you have decided about selecting one of these courses, the next challenge is finding the right college. Are you struggling for the same? It would help if you considered BCPSR for admission in Pharmacy College in West Bengal. You will be amazed to know that BCPSR is famous for offering the best placement facilities, infrastructure, and other facilities.

Therefore, if you wish to inquire about the admission, fee of D.Pharm course in Eastern India, or any further detail, please feel free to get in touch with us.