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Career Choices after Admission in D.Pharm in West Bengal

D.Pharma is one of the best, and most demanded career options in India. In other words, you can also say that it is an entry-level course that opens doors to many opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. After pursuing this course, one can choose to work in several areas. For this, you need to apply for admission in D.Pharm in West Bengal, and BCPSR is the best choice available.

If you are a Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) graduate, this article will help you explore your career opportunities and the job profiles available, what subjects you need to study, required skills, salary, etc.

admission in D.Pharm in West Bengal

After completing their diploma course, D.Pharm graduates can work as:

  • Chemist/Pharmacist
  • Quality Analyst
  • Medical Transcriptionist

Let’s talk about them in detail to gain insight into the career choice available after the D.Pharm course.


D.Pharm graduates can work as chemists or pharmacists in retail pharmacies, drug stores and healthcare stores to dispense medicines to patients as doctors prescribe. They can also be employed in hospitals and clinics to provide medication to patients according to their needs and illness.

Quality Analyst

After completing their D.Pharm degree successfully, graduates can join pharmaceutical companies as a quality analysts to ensure that quality standards are met while manufacturing different drugs and medications for patients with various health problems.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for translating recorded reports into written documents by listening to voice recordings made by doctors or health professionals during patient exams. Hence, after completing their D.Pharm degree, it’s one of the preferred options for most students prefer to opt.

Most of the students who pursue this course seek a career in the medicine and the pharmacy industry. They become expert pharmacists and chemists after passing out from the system and get absorbed in the medical field. If you wish to work in these profiles, choose BCPSR for admission in D.Pharm in West Bengal.